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Robert Altinger

Technology, Innovation, Operations, Program Management

Robert brings a wealth of experience to Pandan, having worked as a technologist as JP Morgan, Microsoft and Avanade before starting his own consultancy organization. Always with a strong international focus, Robert managed the first software development at JP Morgan distributed across multiple offices, was the director of international business systems (IBS) at Microsoft, responsible for all product localization worldwide.

At Avanade, Robert was responsible for designing and creating the worldwide IT infrastructure that supported 18 offices worldwide at launch. Since leaving Avanade, he has been involved in many company startups, globally, specializing in getting companies from a PowerPoint idea to product and services launch.

Robert served as Senior VP for Acquisitions and Integration for the largest 100% remote work company in the world, ESW Capital, where he recruited and built the team that managed the restructuring and integration of over 50 software company acquisitions in one year, developing and implementing the methodologies to manage large scale remote project management.

At Pandan, Robert serves as COO. He is excited to be able to apply his skills and experience to help make a positive difference to local communities and address the challenges of climate change.

Robert Altinger
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